Pre-Coloured Compound

Pre-Coloured Compound is a mixture of proper amount of colour pigment powder and/or additives entirely compounded during heating process into resin, the material is then cooled and extruded into coloured plastic pellets. These are delivered ready-to-use for production process, which minimize the production processing time and eliminating the colour dispersion difficulties.



We can offer a various types of plastic particles for your compounding products:


  • PP Compound
  • ABS Compound
  • PS Compound
  • SAN Compound
  • POM Compound
  • TPE Compound
  • PET Compound
  • PMMA Compound
  • Nylon Compound
  • PC Compound
  • PC/ABS Compound
  • Talcum-filled PP Compound
  • Mica-filled PP Compound
  • Flame retardant-filled PP Compound
  • Flame retardant-filled ABS Compound
  • Flame retardant-filled HIPS Compound