Products & Services

With dedication and determination to fulfill customers’ needs and reach customers’ full satisfaction, Vicker Pigment has the ability to offer a various products and services to meet each customer’s needs. With our specialized expertise in both colour and plastic staff, we can assist our customers from advising, consulting to problem solving. Moreover we can assist our customers with colour matching service; it is accurately to customers’ requirements and timely done by skilled long term experienced staff. In production process, all stages are closely supervised and all products are inspected with our quality control system to ensure high quality products with timely delivery and reach customers’ highest satisfaction.



Our expertise in Plastic colouring offers you a comprehensive range of colour pigment powder, colour concentrate/masterbatch and pre-coloured compound that is most appropriate use to customers’ application needs. Vicker Pigment also works with an unique range of special effect colours such as Pearlescent, Metallic, Fluorescent, Luminescent and more to add outstanding and uniqueness to customers’ products. We also offer a wide range of additives for variety of applications to customers’ specifications as needed.